Somebody got crazy with the candy machine



Somebody got crazy with the candy machine

Lost in my imaginary world where everything is so delightful.  That little place inside myself where everything is calm, joyful and pretty. Where my mind goes when everything is so hard outside, in the real world. These crazy forms of nature made from artificial materials are the result of that retreating into that special world that protects myself from not going crazy in the real world. They touch all our senses. We want to eat them as if they were candies, to touch them because of their appearance so smooth, spongy and colourful. They apprehend some exchange, some dialogue with the world and people around them. This interaction is essential in life. They definitively make you smile and fill you with a sentiment of satisfaction. We all need that little break to full our body with a bit of joy. Enjoy!

Materials: Polyurethane, pigments, vinyl, cord, cotton

Photography: Antony Mclean

Category         One Of A Kind